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iWDLive is a true iPhone application that gives you the current weather details for the selected weather station.


The selected weather station runs “Weather Display” Version 10.36 or higher and is configured to generate WDL data (clientraw.txt.....).
Prior to “Weather Display” Version 10.36, iWDLive will not be able to display all datas.

Displayed datas and units

- temperature: °C, °F
- humidity
- pressure: mb, kPa, inHg, mmHG
- rain: mm, inch
- wind direction
- wind speed: kts, mph, km/h, m/s
- cloud hight: ft, m, yd
- large wind direction gauge and wind speed bar meter
- graphs
- user added webcam pictures
- gauges with min and max values
- and more....

At the moment the following languages are support:
- English
- German
- French
- Norwegian
- Swedish

The languages are selected via IOS setting.

See some screenshot bellow and more in our picture gallery

The application works with all iPhone and iPad models iOS Version 5.0 or higher.
Internet connection is needed.

Latest News

iWDLive 1.34

is now available on the App Store.

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